When Your Child Is Hurt by a Doctor’s Mistake

For parents, seeing their children suffer due to injuries can be very hard. Worse, some are even more upset when they know that this suffering only exists because of another person’s carelessness, especially when it is a medical professional. In Albuquerque, and through all cities in New Mexico, parents and their children who are struggling with the consequences of an injury that occurred because of a physician’s error might be bothered by the fact that the injury might have been completely preventable. Moreover, a child may have his or her life upended in many ways because of the hardships they are facing.

Whether a physician made a mistake related to a surgical procedure, the prescription of medication, or any other issue, you and your child deserve justice. Sadly, these injuries can interfere with performance in the classroom, cause an incredible amount of anxiety for the entire family, lead to financial challenges, and even bring on physical pain. In some instances, a doctor’s mistake has even resulted in the loss of a child’s life. Pursuing legal action has been one way for some parents to access the support they need.

Talking to your child might prove helpful, but it can be devastating to see them suffer. Regardless of the type of mistake that your child’s doctor may have made, you should not think twice about looking at your different possible courses of action, including going to court.

If you go over material on our malpractice page, additional topics related to a physician’s mistake are covered.

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