Study Looks to Find Correlations Between Doctor Burnout and Error

When people in New Mexico head to their doctor in search of solutions for discomforting symptoms, they rely heavily on their health care provider’s ability to provide high quality and thorough care. Unfortunately, doctors can make mistakes at times which can leave patients fighting for their life or suffering diminished quality of life. Experts suggest that patients be an active advocate for their own health and wellbeing by going to their doctor prepared to ask questions and receive answers. 

Doctor error can be blamed on a variety of factors including poor communication, confusion, fatigue and even distraction. However, a recent study is working to establish a correlation between doctors being burned out and errors occurring. The results were stunning: Of all of the physicians that were surveyed, many expressed that they had experienced thoughts of depression, suicide or fatigue at some point or another in their career. In fact, a conclusion was drawn that doctors who considered themselves to be burned out were nearly two times more likely to make a medical error when compared with other health care specialists. 

Experts suggests that doctors who are feeling burned out, which is nearly half of all physicians in the U.S., they should immediately contact their employer about where they an go for help and support. If people have been injured at the hands of a doctor, they should ask for help from an attorney who may be able to get them the compensation they deserve. 

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