Helping Your Child Learn to Live With a Traumatic Brain Injury

Your child has recently returned home from the hospital after an extensive recovery for a traumatic brain injury. You are now entering a new phase of life where you and your family will need to work together to help your injured child learn how to live with the significant lifestyle changes that are a consequence of his or her TBI. At Curtis & Lucero Attorneys, we have helped many families in New Mexico to work through the legal process when their child has been the victim of a serious TBI. 

While it is often said that children are resilient and able to bounce back from difficult situations much faster than an older person, your child is still facing an uncertain road to recovery. In fact, some things may never be the same for him or her. Acknowledging these differences, embracing them and finding ways to advocate for his or her success are critical points in facilitating an effective recovery for your child. 

According to Psychology Today, some of the new challenges that your injured child may face include fatigue, frustration with daily tasks, difficulty paying attention and becoming overwhelmed when he or she is unable to do things the same way as before. As a parent, you should consider the following:

  • Allowing more time for the completion of daily tasks.
  • Breaking down complicated tasks into smaller parts. 
  • Repeat important messages to ensure understanding. 
  • Know when your child is exhausted and allow time for rest.
  • Understand triggers and use exercise and social support to help your child gain confidence and strength.

When you take your role as a parent and do your best to facilitate your child’s recovery, you can give him or her the best possible chance at healing and finding effective ways to cope. For more information about child injuries, visit our web page.  

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