Do Surgeons Disclose Everything That Happened During Surgery?

Having to have surgery in New Mexico is often a stressful situation. Most people are nervous about the procedure and worry about what may happen when he or she is under anesthesia. This may make you wonder if your doctor is going to be completely honest with you about everything that happens during your surgery. Knowing that your doctor will tell you what happened can greatly reduce your worry and stress.

According to CBS News, there is no strict law or rule that says surgeons must disclose everything that happens during surgery, but there are recommendations that they should do so. Many believe that being completely honest, even if it makes the doctor look bad, is essential to building a good patient-doctor relationship. Furthermore, it helps to increase the trust between patients and the healthcare system. Transparency can make you feel more at ease because you know nothing is being hidden from you.

Surgeons have become better about telling patients what happened during their surgeries. In the 1980s, it was commonplace to keep everything secret and only tell patients the bare minimum. Today, it is more likely that your surgeon will be upfront and tell you about anything, including errors or issues that came up during your surgery. The recommendations are they tell you about any errors, explain why they happened and tell you how they will be fixed or resolved. It is the general thought that you should know about anything out of the ordinary, no matter how minor it may seem. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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