Protecting Your Loved One From Delayed Treatment

With your loved one’s upcoming transition to a nursing home in New Mexico, you have been carefully comparing different facilities to find the one that is the best fit for your family member’s needs. At Curtis Lucero Attorneys, we have helped protect many families and their vulnerable loved ones from suffering the unnecessary consequences of nursing home abuse. 

The abuse of elderly residents in nursing homes can take on many forms including financial exploitation, sexual abuse, physical assault and even delayed or negligent treatment of symptoms. Delayed treatment occurs when your loved one is denied required or needed medical care that ultimately results in his or her suffering unnecessary injury or discomfort. 

According to AMN Healthcare, one of the factors that primarily affect a nursing home’s ability to provide timely treatment is a breakdown in the chain of communication. When staff members are required to update each other on your loved one’s condition and wellbeing, their efforts should be coordinated, organized and timely. There should be protocols in place to implement a communication process that is relatively consistent across the facility. When looking for a nursing home, you should also pay attention to how staff members communicate with each other. Ask about reporting procedures and the availability of superiors when nursing staff has questions about the treatment of your loved one. 

When you understand the factors that contribute to delayed medical treatment, you may be able to better protect your loved one by expecting more from his or her nursing home facility. For more information about nursing home abuse or neglect, visit our web page. 

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