Patient Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

When people visit a hospital in New Mexico, they are placing a large amount of trust in their health care provider and the attending staff to give them high-quality care after completing a thorough examination to make a diagnosis. However, they are also responsible for guaranteeing their safety by implementing measures that will protect their wellbeing. 

According to John Hopkins Medicine, people should be proactive in designating someone to be their spokesperson if there are ever times when they are incapacitated and unable to make their own decisions about their treatment. During the situations when they are capable of making their own decisions, they may still benefit from having someone they trust accompany them to their appointment. Other things that people can do to stay safer include asking questions, learning the details of their treatment plan and coming prepared with a timeline of their medical history and the dosages of any medications they are currently taking. 

As such, medical providers also uphold the responsibility to be vigilant in the care that they give to their patients. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality suggests that hospitals be wary of working their staff members for excessive periods of time. Instead, they should limit the number of consecutive hours worked to accommodate their needs without causing fatigue for staff members. Another suggestion is that hospitals carefully create discharge policies that guarantee that patients are enough recovered to be safe and responsible upon their release. Hospitals that measure the effectiveness of their efforts with patient satisfaction surveys may better be able to uncover areas where they can strengthen their efforts.  

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