Is Suing the Best Response to Hospital Negligence?

America is often branded as the most litigious nation in the world. Americans know their rights and they are not afraid to exercise them. Thus, when it comes to hospital negligence in New Mexico, seeking legal recourse may seem like the most sensible response. However, whether or not it is the best solution for you depends on a lot of factors, such as the specifics of the incident you suffered.

Are Americans really suing at record highs though? Not when it comes to medical malpractice, says Forbes. America is actually experiencing a decades-long low, seeing claims dropping to more than half of what they were in the 90s. Even so, the payments made per claim are increasing. When inflation adjustments are included, malpractice payments have risen by 25 percent.

Many doctors and hospitals now caution that continued high-paying suits help to push up the cost of health care. They also claim that many capable doctors are being sued for less than favorable outcomes of medical procedures instead of the doctor’s actual incompetence. While the specific doctor who contributed the Forbes piece acknowledged that patients deserve to be compensated for “catastrophic outcomes,” he further went on to say that suing good doctors should not be the best solution.

However reluctant one may be to admit it, there is some truth in these words. Medical procedures are inherent with risk and even a healthy pregnancy can all go wrong in the delivery room with the best doctors. However, most patients do not have the medical skills and expertise to know when “catastrophic outcomes” are as a result of hospital negligence or medical malpractice, as opposed to a natural event.

As a result, the onus should be on the doctor to prove otherwise. So, is suing the best response to hospital negligence for you? Until doctors, hospitals and other responsible agents come up with a better alternative, it very well may be.

This article provides information on medical litigations and the potential effects of these lawsuits. It should not be interpreted as legal or professional medical advice.

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