Doctor Licensed by Medical Board Despite Checkered Past

The respect and prestige assigned to their positions may make doctors seem almost superhuman in the eyes of their patients in Albuquerque. In reality, however, those practicing medicine are just like everyone, and are subject to the same professional pressures that most face. Oftentimes, doctors who sense such pressures may again react in a very common way, that being to circle the proverbial wagons to protect their own. While some might understand the motivation to help a colleague, the impact that said colleague’s actions may have make enabling them unacceptable.

Such is the accusation being made by a Montana woman who is suing the state’s medical board for licensing a psychiatrist to practice in the state. His approval came despite him having a lengthy history of allegations of misconduct that were blatantly alarming. One particular form of treatment the doctor supposedly specialized in was recovered memory therapy. Yet former patients claim the doctor had them believing that they were part of cannibalistic societies or members of satanic cults. One went as far as to have the meat being used at a family barbeque checked for human remains, while another underwent a tubal ligation because she was being used as a breeder for a satanic cult. Many of these patients eventually brought action against the doctor.

Yet despite his checkered past, the Montana state medical board still accepted and approved his application, based largely on letters of recommendation from colleagues. Supporting a fellow doctor’s success should never come at the expense of their patients. Those looking to bring action against practitioners who enabled negligent or even dangerous treatments might find themselves a strong ally in the form of an attorney.

Here at Curtis & Co., we have had to deal with many physicians licensed by the New Mexico Medical Board that have lengthy records of problem behaviors. Two physicians have 4 DUI arrests. One was responsible for experimental surgery on over 60 patients and lost his license, yet was given it back recently. No patient can truly know a doctor’s past. Hospitals are the only ones that actually know the doctor’s true background and because of legal protections, hospitals have to keep information confidential.  Hospitals are legally responsible for allowing bad doctors to practice in their hospitals.  We prosecute these cases against those negligent hospitals that allow truly bad doctors to hurt their patients. Please let us know if we can help you.