Baby’s Birth Injury Results in Lifelong Disability

The birth of a baby is joyful for many New Mexico families, but when the attending doctor or hospital makes an egregious error before or during delivery, that child’s life and future are changed forever. When these mistakes happen, what should be a time of celebration and happiness can quickly turn to tragedy.

This, unfortunately, was the case for one Maryland mother and her child, who was rendered brain damaged to a hospital’s error. The Baltimore Sun reports that the mother, a young woman suffering from pregnancy complications, came to a well-known medical center for treatment before and during her delivery. Once there, doctors told the pregnant woman that the pregnancy complications would likely cause extreme damage to her baby, even if the child was delivered by emergency Caesarean section. The mother refused the surgery and the child was born naturally, although with serious brain damage. Tragically, medical records uncovered the doctors’ error in the pre-partum diagnosis, and the birth delay caused the child further catastrophic brain injury.

The child currently requires a feeding tube and suffers from brain damage so extensive that physicians believe he or she will never be able to walk.

When a family is concerned that errors may have caused massive brain injuries to a child, we will do the hard work to investigate why the injury happened and whether negligence was the cause. We are experienced attorneys who will help distraught families through the legal process to obtain justice for their child and proper compensation for the child and the family’s loss. We are devoted to children and know how to honor their suffering and demand justice and change.

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