Your Guide to Emergency Medicine Malpractice

Blurry photo of a medical team rushing someone on a gurney through a hospital hallway.

With so much going on in the emergency department, patients must be aware of potential challenges and disruptions that may arise. Even under normal circumstances, emergency departments can provide a highly stressful environment where patient care systems are pushed to their limits.

Emergency Medicine Malpractice Trends

Emergency medicine errors tend to have severe consequences, with many patients suffering severe injuries, life-altering complications, and death. Utilizing data from Coverys’ A Call for Action: Insights From a Decade of Malpractice Claims Report, we have compiled the following information:

The Prevalence of Emergency Medicine Malpractice

Overall, emergency medicine malpractice claims are on the decline. However, an average of 5.2 claims per 100 emergency medicine physicians remain, with 3.5% of physicians having at least two claims against them at any given time. These statistics make emergency medicine the fourth specialty with the highest number of physicians with multiple claims.

Trends in Emergency Medicine Allegations

Top 5 Allegations

The top five allegations in the frequency of occurrence and severity in emergency medicine are as follows:

  • 24.9% of all diagnosis-related claims
  • 20.1% of all medical treatment-related claims
  • 15.4% of all medication-related claims
  • 6.8% of all surgery/procedure-related claims
  • 2.8% of all patient environment/safety claims

What Causes Emergency Medicine Malpractice?

The five most commonly cited causes for emergency room allegations are:

  1. Clinical Judgment - 45%
  2. Clinical Systems - 14%
  3. Communication - 7%
  4. Medication Management - 7%
  5. Human Factors - 6%

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Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Mexico

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