Dentist Accused of Negligence by Allegedly Ruining Teen’s Smile

When most New Mexico residents think about medical malpractice, they think about a hospital, a surgeon, a doctor or even a nurse making a medical-related mistake. A dentist does not often come to mind; however, dentists are just as responsible for medical negligence events as surgeons or physicians. A 19-year-old teen is suing her orthodontic dentist saying that it is his fault that she could potentially lose some of her teeth. 

Apparently, the woman began treatment with her orthodontist when she was five years old in April 2001. She was under his direct care until March 2015. In June 2014, she was informed by another dentist that she needed to halt orthodontic treatment immediately citing root resorption, which is when the tooth’s root begins to deteriorate.

At a later date, the woman ended up finding out that the orthodontist she had been receiving treatment from for all these years had not been licensed since 2007 in the state of Illinois. In addition, the dentist had reportedly never successfully graduated from a state or federally accredited orthodontic program. In her lawsuit, the woman states that she has suffered permanent injuries and physical disfigurement, which could result in the loss of her teeth. As a result of the dentist’s negligence, she will be responsible for medical expenses in the future to repair her damaged smile.

A dentist making a mistake can sometimes be just as costly as a doctor or surgeon being negligent. This is true whether it is a dental surgery, breach of standard of care or unwarranted treatment. Any New Mexico resident who thinks that he or she has been injured by inadequate care or negligence from a dentist may want to consider speaking to a professional to learn about his or her rights and options.  

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