Poor Medical Care May Have Caused Nursing Home Resident’s Death

When providing care for seniors, nursing home staff in New Mexico have a responsibility to do what it takes to ensure that residents are able to live their fullest life possible. This includes medical attention, appropriate medications, nutritional food and an environment free from hazards, as well as other physical, psychological and social needs. Neglecting any one of these factors can put an elderly person’s life at risk.

According to a recent lawsuit, a New Mexico nursing home resident suffered from abuse and neglect that his daughter claims were part of a long history of such issues. Records provided by the State Health Department indicate that the facility did, indeed, receive citations for dozens of violations of state regulations since 2004. The year that the resident died, an inspection revealed 23 violations. 

The death of the resident was determined to be the result of a blow to the head, which he sustained from a fall. The medical examiner who performed the autopsy believed that the man suffered bleeding in his brain for over a month before he died. The lawsuit alleges that the blunt force trauma occurred because nursing home staff failed to provide proper fall prevention and that the victim never received the medical attention the wound required. The plaintiff also claims that nursing home staff failed to monitor the resident’s blood condition and administered improper medication.

In spite of state and federal laws designed to protect nursing home residents, abuse and neglect in facilities continue to be uncovered. Anyone who suspects that a resident may be in danger, or may already be suffering, should contact authorities. An attorney may also be able to help hold responsible parties liable for the harm they caused.

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