Anesthesia Errors and Wrongful Death

When patients prepare for a surgical operation, there are a number of potential risks that may lie ahead, some of which are impossible to prevent. Tragically, there are also many mistakes that can occur as a direct result of a medical professional’s carelessness. In Albuquerque and other cities in New Mexico, some of these mistakes prove fatal and leave families with lasting emotional pain, financial problems, and additional hardships. While wrongful death cases in medical settings take many forms, anesthesia errors are especially concerning.

There are different ways in which a patient may suffer because of an anesthesiologist’s mistake. For example, an anesthesiologist may administer the wrong drug to a patient. Or, perhaps they fail to notice that a patient is allergic to a particular drug. Moreover, they may make mistakes during intubation or cause a patient to suffer because of another error. These mistakes can happen for various reasons, whether a medical professional is not experienced or properly trained or they are in a rush and fail to set aside enough time to perform their job properly. Sometimes, anesthesiologists may be distracted or feel as if they have performed their job duties so many times they cannot make a mistake.

If your loved one’s life was cut short because of an anesthesia error, you need to look over your options right away and fight for the justice they deserve. On our page that is dedicated to medical malpractice, you can read over more information that has to do with anesthesia errors.

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