What Are Some Different Head Injuries People Suffer in Crashes?

There are many ways in which a motor vehicle crash victim may be hurt, from breaking a bone to a deep laceration. However, head injuries are especially common in motor vehicle collisions and they can upend victims’ lives in various ways. For example, a car crash victim who is struggling with a heady injury may not be able to work or enjoy life to its fullest following the accident. Memory loss, personality changes, trouble sleeping, and emotional hardships are just some of the problems that those who have sustained a brain injury in a wreck may experience. Moreover, there are different types of head injuries.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, head injuries may be considered open or closed. An open head injury, also known as penetrating, occurs when an object enters a person’s brain after breaking through their skull. For example, someone may sustain an open head injury if their head slams into the windshield during a motor vehicle collision. Closed head injuries, on the other hand, involve blows to the head that do not break through the skull. However, closed head injuries are still very serious.

Those who hit their head may suffer from a scalp wound, a skull fracture, or a concussion. Concussions frequently result in traumatic brain injuries and are a major concern with regard to motor vehicle accident injuries. For car crash victims who are struggling with a head injury, it is pivotal to not only recover from the crash physically but look into potential financial resources if necessary.

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