When an Emergency Room Error Takes Place

We have covered many of the different forms of hospital negligence, which can be incredibly devastating for patients and those they love. It is important to realize some of the other ways in which hospital mistakes may take place. For example, a hospital error may occur while a person is in an emergency room. Sadly, those who are sent to the ER may be struggling with a serious injury or condition and when medical professionals make mistakes during this time, the consequences can be especially disastrous. In New Mexico, those who have suffered due to a mistake in an emergency department should immediately assess their options.

There are many ways in which a medical professional could make a mistake, such as administering the wrong medicine or the wrong amount of an emergency medicine. Moreover, these mistakes may take place for a variety of reasons, such as a medical professional’s lack of experience, an emergency department that is understaffed, or hospital workers who are rushing around and fail to devote enough time to their job. When a patient suffers as a result of an error in the ER, they may face numerous complications, from a worsened condition to unnecessary pain and the loss of their life.

If you were hurt due to an ER error, or your loved one has suffered because of a negligent mistake in the emergency room, do not be afraid to speak out. Visit our malpractice section for a closer look at various issues onĀ medical professional negligence.

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