Slick Floors, Unsafe Conditions and Negligence

In hospitals across the country, patients are mistreated in many ways, unfortunately. However, some examples of hospital negligence are less common and receive less attention, which is why patients and their loved ones should be aware of the many different ways in which hospital negligence may manifest in Albuquerque or another part of New Mexico. For example, someone who is staying in a hospital may be hurt due to falling down on a slick floor or as a result of some other unsafe property condition, such as a tripping hazard that was not addressed. Moreover, these accidents may constitute malpractice as well.

First of all, any unsafe circumstances in a hospital need to be addressed right away. Unfortunately, some of these hazards, such as a slick floor due to a spill or a leak, are left unattended until some gets hurt. Moreover, there may be instances where a medical professional should have taken better care of his or her patient, leading to a slip-and-fall accident. There are other reasons why people may fall down while in a hospital, such as those who were unable to walk properly because they were given too many medications or someone who was left unattended or put in an inadequate bed.

If you have been hurt after falling down in a hospital, it is important to look over all of the details surrounding the accident and you may decide to take your case to court. Our malpractice page has more related to unsafe conditions and negligent medical professionals.

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