Unsafe Hospital Conditions Can Result in Injuries

Generally speaking, New Mexico hospitals are places of healing. However, with the amount of foot traffic, both inpatient and visitor as well as bodily fluids and liquid supplies, you may come out of the medical facility more injured than when you entered. At Curtis & Lucero, we have experience representing individuals who have had a slip-and-fall injury in a hospital.

According to FindLaw, patients can be injured by falling while recuperating from a procedure, whether it is a significant surgery or giving blood. Walking is often required as part of a post-operative rehab routine. Typically, a member of the staff is assigned to accompany individuals as they make their way down the hall. If you are not strong enough to remain upright or if you are heavily medicated, you may fall. Injuries sustained in this type of slip-and-fall include sprains, strains, breaks and bumps, depending on your physical condition and the position of your body as it falls.

The standard of care provided by hospitals must be at least equal to that which an experienced professional would provide in similar circumstances. Patients often fall when they are getting out of bed. If this is an activity not supervised by a nurse or other member of the medical staff, serious injury to the neck, back and head could be incurred.

Visitors can sustain injuries as well. Slippery floors as a result of a spilled drink, a wheelchair’s footrests sticking out into the middle of a hallway and many other unexpected hazards can result in injury. Hospitals must take steps and meet specific requirements to ensure the safety of the premises. They also regularly submit to facility inspections, which can identify potential dangers or defects.

Each slip-and-fall incident is unique. Regardless of whether you are a patient or visiting one, the hospital may be liable if you are injured while on-site. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.

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