What Types of Cancers Are Most Often Misdiagnosed?

Getting a cancer diagnosis is a terrible experience, but what may be worse is not getting a cancer diagnosis because your doctor missed the signs and symptoms of your condition. Delaying a cancer diagnosis is a serious problem because curing or treating this disease is very dependent on catching it in its early stages. If let go, the cancer can grow and become more difficult to treat. When a doctor in New Mexico does not properly diagnose your condition, it can lead to more expenses, health issues and even death.

There are three types of cancer most commonly missed by doctors. These cancers are breast, lung and colorectal. One of the reasons why these are most often missed is that doctors may not do all the testing required to reach a diagnosis. You may undergo a test and it comes back abnormal. When this happens, your doctor should have additional testing done to verify the findings of that first test. However, some doctors fail to do this and therefore miss the cancer.

A delayed cancer diagnosis leads to the cancer having time to grow and spread. This information is for education and is not legal advice, but if you have a delayed diagnosis of cancer that has caused you serious harm we will investigate. If our investigation finds a serious delay in surgery that will cost you your health or your life, we will work hard to find justice for you and your family and to help others not go through the same thing.